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Which atmospheric layer has the greatest air pressure?

It's the troposphere because :    The troposphere contains 75 per cent of the atmosphere's gas. It also holds huge amounts of dust and water vapor, and is often dense w (MORE)

What happens to snow if it falls through a layer of warm air?

It melts, partially or totally. If the air remains above freezing the remainder of the way down to the ground, you'll get rain. If there is a sufficient cold layer below the l (MORE)
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Leaf layer that contains air spaces?

The leaf layer that contains air gas is called the spongy mesophyll  or spongy layer. These air-filled gaps contain the gas that the  plant is using (carbon dioxide - CO2 ) (MORE)

What is happen during the air layering?

Air layering is a method of plant propagation. Making a new plant from the branch of another one. You cut off a ring of bark, then apply moist sphagnum moss and a plastic bag (MORE)