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How do you replace airbags?

Answer . \nYou don't! This is a job for an expert, and not a DIY job. Serious injury can occur when dealing with the SRS. Take it to a professional.
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How do you disconnect airbag?

Warning : this answer is given for "most" systems, but may not work with all and could result in a small (and expensive) explosion. It is strongly suggested you get a repair ( Full Answer )
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What are in airbags?

Nothing until they're activated. Then sodium azide is reacted to rapidly produce nitrogen gas, which inflates the bag.
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Why do you have airbags?

so that if you crash you land in a cushion of air instead of going out the windscreen and suffering horrible injurys
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How does an airbag inflate?

A number of different methods are used see wikipedia article "Airbag" for a pretty full account. The most intersting from a chemistry point of view is the original method whic ( Full Answer )
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Where is the airbag module?

Under the air bag. First remove air bag and one clip will be holding module into column
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How does an airbag protect you?

It cushions the impact by putting a big pillow between you & the wheel in case of front end hit in your car (over a certain speed).
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Does a airbag hurt?

Deployment of the airbag can certainly "sting" for a moment, yes. But it deflates in 1/10 of a second. Your call: Would you rather "sting" for a few moments, or end up in a bo ( Full Answer )
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What are the risks of airbags?

The safety factor far outweighs any danger they pose. It you sit closer than 10" from the airbag there is a danger to you. If you sit at least 10" back the only danger is poss ( Full Answer )