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What aircrafts are on the aircraft carriers?

Both American and Japanese carriers had three types of airplanes: fighters, dive bombers, and torpedo bombers. Fighters were to provide protection for the carriers and other (MORE)
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What aircraft which has an engine?

Every single self-propelled aircraft ever made. This is like asking "Which car has an engine?". Without an engine, you're going nowhere unless you've got a tow plane.
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What is the concept in aircraft?

The concept, I believe, is to transport people and goods by use of Air. This cuts out the traffic on roads, rail and water.
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What is an aircraft bunker?

An aircraft bunker is an hardened structure that is designed specifically to protect aircraft. An extreme example is Zeljava Air Base, in the former Yugoslavia, which has unde (MORE)
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What is Berlin aircraft?

You probably mean Berlin airlift . Stalin felt it a problem that the people living in the Russian zone could see the prosperity in the other three zones (French, British, Ame (MORE)
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Why is aircraft battery is used in aircraft?

Aircraft batteries are there primarily to provide power should the engines fail in flight and work individually or alongside the auxillary power unit (APU). It provides 28V dc (MORE)
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What is aircraft propeller and what function does it do to the aircraft?

An aircraft propeller is what gives the aircraft power to move it forward (or backward, depending on it's pitch). This enables the aircraft to acquire lift and gain altitude. (MORE)
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What aircraft documents are required on aircraft?

There are 13 documents which are required on aircraft. out of which 11 are mandatory & 2 are supplementary. Mandatory Documents : 1. Certificate of Registration 2. Cert (MORE)
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What kind of aircraft is a business aircraft?

Business aircraft are typically jets or small planes. Their purpose is to transport smaller groups, usually to complete business at a more convenient pace than commercial flig (MORE)