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What are Aging aircraft?

\n. \nan aging aircraft is any aircraft that has been around long enough to "age", say a 1955 Cessna 150, for a random example. But I think this is a very general term, so I (MORE)

What aircrafts are on the aircraft carriers?

Both American and Japanese carriers had three types of airplanes: fighters, dive bombers, and torpedo bombers. Fighters were to provide protection for the carriers and other (MORE)

What is an f16 aircraft?

An F-16 is a Fighting Falcon, unless it is an F-16N, used by the Navy, which is a Viper. It is true that the Navy used the F-16N, however, "Viper" is simply a nickname given (MORE)

What aircraft documents are required on aircraft?

There are 13 documents which are required on aircraft. out of which 11 are mandatory & 2 are supplementary. Mandatory Documents : 1. Certificate of Registration 2. Cert (MORE)