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How do you make airfix models?

Well, Airfix models are called:\n. \nPlastic Model Kits. \n. \nThere are many websites on the subject, just google 'Airfix Forum', or something like that. \n. \nHere is a b (MORE)
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Do all airfix come with paint?

No, in fact! You need to buy them yourself, but you dont need ALL of the paints. Some models require 30 - 40 paints, but some are for such MINISCULE features such as soldier's (MORE)

Who made airfix?

Frank Hornby founder of Hornby hobbies. he made airfix to be educational to kids as well as fun. airfix has everything from planes to ships to boats even skeletons of animals
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What is the typical scale of Airfix models?

The most commonly used scales for Airfix models are 1/24 and 1/72. The 1/24 scale is mostly used for cars and motorcycles while the 1/72 scale is mostly used for aircraft, ro (MORE)
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Where can someone buy Airfix kits?

Airfix kits can be purchased at one's local hobby shops. They can also be purchased online at places like Amazon or Hobbymasters. Airfix kits are also available for purchase o (MORE)