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How does an airship work?

Well, it depends on the airship. The mechanics behind various airship designs are usually quite different from one another, but they all operate under the same basic principle (MORE)

How does the airship fly?

Just like how a ship floats in the sea because it weighs less than the amount of water it displaces... an airship weighs less than the amount of air it displaces. This is ac (MORE)

How does a airship work?

Airships (no longer used) worked by filling a large central hull with helium or hydrogen and using motors to propel the craft. The gas renders the craft lighter-than-air, allo (MORE)

What are airships used for?

  Airships were often used to carry freight and passengers. But became unpopular after the advent of jets and other types of aircraft because they are slow. Initially they (MORE)

Why do airships rise?

It is similar in principle to a submarine, which uses 'air' in the ballast to float to the surface and water to descend. Airships rise when 'air' in their hull tanks is replac (MORE)
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Where are airships used?

The USA uses airships to protect its sea areas, and to act as spotters, especially against submarines in wartime, and helping with sea rescues in peace time. The Germans and B (MORE)