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How does the airship fly?

Just like how a ship floats in the sea because it weighs less than the amount of water it displaces... an airship weighs less than the amount of air it displaces. This is ac (MORE)

What happened to the Hindenberg airship?

On 6 May 1937, the Hindenburg was approaching a mooring mast at Lakehurst Naval Air Station in New Jersey when it caught fire. The flames first appeared near the tail and, wit (MORE)
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Where are airships used?

The USA uses airships to protect its sea areas, and to act as spotters, especially against submarines in wartime, and helping with sea rescues in peace time. The Germans and B (MORE)

What gas filled on Hindenburg airship?

.The HIndenberg was filled with Hydrogen. Hydrogen is lighter than  air so it rises. This allowed the Hindenberg to fly. Unfortunately,  hydrogen ignites very easily, and th (MORE)

Why does an airship float in air?

An airship uses helium which weighs less than air, and it cancels out the weight of the airship. Hydrogen weighs even less than helium, but it is combustible, so helium is pre (MORE)

Why are helium and hydrogen used in airships?

  Hydrogen and helium are used in airships because there are less dense than air. That means that if we fill a big, lighweight bag with hydrogen or helium, the bag will be (MORE)

Why did the Hindenburg airship explode in 1937?

Because the outside coating of the Hindenburg was treated with the same elements in rocket fuel for aerodynamic support and also it did not explode it burned in several direct (MORE)

What materials are used in airships?

Generally , they have to be light and strong materials . In airships , aluminum is used because it's light, strong and resistant to corrosion. In air balloons , i think st (MORE)