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What is international airspace?

Airspace is the part of the atmosphere that is controlled by thecountry below. For international airspace, the sovereign airspaceof a country matches the maritime territorial (MORE)

Do airlines pay to use airspace?

My Dear Friend; Airlines don't pay for use of airspace - it's totally free and vacant; somewhat like the "airspace" between your two ears.. Enjoy your medication this evening (MORE)
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What are the different classes of aviation airspace?

Airspace in the US is classified into the following categories: A, B, C, D, E, and G. The airspace is ordered from Class A-Tightest control to Class G-No control. Class A ai (MORE)

Why do fish need airspace?

The fish do not need airspace as such. The surface of the water the fish is in needs air space for the transfer of gasses (in particular Ammonium and CO2 out and O in). The ba (MORE)

Does the airspace over my property near an existing airport have value and is airspace real property?

You have asked a complicated question. Consider the following: Ownership of real property can include rights in the airspace above the property. Airports can acquire easemen (MORE)

How can I designate airspace over my house?

According to the U.S. Supreme Court in the landmark 1946 case U.S. v. Causby, a property owner has rights to the airspaceover his house only to the extent necessary to the "u (MORE)