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Who is sophocles wife?

Sophocles was married to a wife named Nicostrata, by whom he became the father of Iophon. Somewhat late in life he formed a connection with a certain Theoris, a woman of Sicyo (MORE)

Who is sophocles?

Sophcles was a dramatist whose long career came between his contemporaries Aeschylus and Euripides. A respected public figure of Athens, he was both a priest and a general (an (MORE)

What did Sophocles wear?

Sophocles wore a white tunic (sheets will work) with a tie around the waist area (Ribbon will work). He also wore a leave halo around his head. With this costume you need a sm (MORE)

What was Sophocles known for?

Sophocles was a play writer. He made 120 plays in his theatrical duty and won 18 first prices.
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What are Sophocles achievements?

Sophocles was one of the great playwrights of the Golden Age.  Sophocles wrote about 125 tragedies in his lifetime. He is credited  with increasing the number of actors with (MORE)

What did sophocles beliefs?

  Sophocles, being born in 496 BC in Athens, was a mind of rare quality; also, his being gone for these many thousands of years, no one can trully say they know what it is (MORE)

Who was ajax?

Ajax or Ajax the Great, son of Telamon, was a character in Homer's epic poem "The Iliad", part one of his writings "The Odyssey" being the second. Ajax, according to legend, w (MORE)