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Who ruled after akbar?

After the death of Akbar, his eldest son Salim succeeded him with the title Jahangir (1605-1627).
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What did Akbar do?

Akbar reunited the Mughal Empire. He also expanded the territory into Central India. Akbar was an effective leader, he allowed people he conquered practice any religion.
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Why was Akbar clever?

akbar was clever because he was a king and he have to save his kindom from bad people and for making plans to save them he was clever
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Why was Akbar called Akbar the Great?

Akbar made many reforms to the empire because of which he was called Akbar the Great. some of the reforms were: . He expanded the Mughal Empire to almost twice its size . ( Full Answer )
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Who is Goose Akbar?

Goose Akbar is a fat, rich man, who owns 'goosely jets'. He has a son named Mirro, and a wife who works at a strip club and loves having sperm. Goose also has a daughter named ( Full Answer )
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What were akbars weaknesses?

He gave genorous land grants to his bureaucrats which couldcause them to rebel against him beceause of the power thebureaucrats would have.
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Who is the God of Akbar?

There have been people named Akbar and since these people are typicalyl Muslim, their god would be Allah. "Akbar" is more often encounted as as adjective meaning "most great" ( Full Answer )
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Why is Akbar called Akbar the great?

He did so many great things during his time as a king. Examples can be sited from many issues. Mainly he was considered as a Great King was for the method he had followed to t ( Full Answer )
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Who is Allahu Akbar?

Allahu Akbar is not a person; it is a phrase in Arabic thattranslates as "God is Great." Muslims will often say it in prayeror during other times when they invoke their religi ( Full Answer )
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Who is the writer of Akbar?

Abul Fazl (one of nine scholar jewels of Akbar) wrote the AKBANAMA,the biography of Akbar.