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What was a significance of akhenaton?

He brought upon the idea of monotheism* because he had a monotheistic tutor a while ago. So, he started believing it too. He therefore, made the people only believe and pray t (MORE)

Why is Akhenaton important?

Someone answered this already, but it was because he originated monotheism in Egypt and built a new city, Amarna, away from Cairo and the old ways ensconced there. He was also (MORE)
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Was Akhenaton Moses?

  No. Akhenaton was an Egyptian pharoah who attempted to set up a new religion. He and his queen were murdered by the Egyptian priestly establishment. He never went anywhe (MORE)

Was akhenaton a homo?

It is highly unlikely that Akhenaton was wholly homosexual as his wives are said to be Nefertiti, Kiya (Tadukhipa?), Meritaten, Ankhesenamun, and an unidentified sister; he fa (MORE)
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Who who is Akhenaton?

He is a Egyptian King who said that the sun is the god of RA butthe real god is Alah