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How does akinator work?

Very simple, it uses algorithms. It has a huge database (Wikipedia) and it guess your character from the answers you give. For example, if your character is a woman Akinator i (MORE)

What is akinator?

Akinator is a genie that asks you questions and you answer it to guess whatever!(Ex:John Lennon,Sonic the Hedgehog,Chuck Norris,Your Computer,etc.)

Is akinator controlled by people?

Yes, of course it is. So far, there are no autonomous non human robots that have their own website. Websites are a commercial enterprise set up to provide income for the opera (MORE)
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Does a flush beat 4 of akin?

No. Poker hand rankings are as follows (from best to worst): . Straight flush . 4 of a kind . Full house . Flush . Straight . 3 of a kind . 2 pair . 1 pair . High car (MORE)
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Who akinator is?

Akinator is a web genious who will ask questions to try and guesswho you are thinkig of. it is more likely to win with anon-fictional character