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What are the names of some famous Akita Inus?

Apparently, there is only one Akita Inu that is widely known throughout the world. His name was Hachiko (ハチ公 in Japanese), an Akita of the Japanese variety that lived (MORE)

Are Akita Inus good guard dogs?

Akita inu is not a breed. It is sheba inu and akitas are good gard dogs. Actually Akita Inu is the correct name of the breed, the inu is dropped in America. Most countries o (MORE)

What is an akita?

An akita is a breed of dog that originates from Japan. Hellen Keller brought this breed of dogs to America. But they can be feirce to visitors. But they can be loving too! And (MORE)

Should you get American akita or akita inu?

American, i have 3 American Akitas they are beautifully, friendly,loyal dogs. If i had to choose a breed get an American akita defenlity!also if you wach the movie call hachi (MORE)

What is the difference between a Japanese akita and a shiba inu?

well the akita is alot bigger than the shiba and it sheds alot more than the shiba and it needs to be tended to more grooming than the shiba. if buying one of these, i recomme (MORE)

What is a sheeba inu?

A Shiba Inu is a Japanese dog with a curly tail. These dogs have ATTITUDE, man! These little guys are extremely stubborn and don't get on with other dogs very well. But they a (MORE)

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