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Is green tea ginger ale good for you?

Well, it depends, if you are getting motion sickness on a plane than yes! But if your on a diet i really don"t think so! (has lots of sugar) Another opinion: Both green tea (MORE)

When did Al Green first record For the Good Times?

Al Green covered Kris Kristofferson's "For The Good Times" on his 5th studio album "I'm Still In Love With You", released in October, 1972.
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How old is Al Green?

US singer Al Green is 70 years old (birthdate April 13, 1946).    US politician Alexander N. Green is 69 years old (birthdate: September 1, 1947).    * Gibraltar (MORE)

Is AL Green alive?

al is well and alive he was at eku center for the arts and i got a kiss.
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What is green IT?

  Technology hardware has an impact on the environment, be it with energy consumption or use of unfriendly materials (plastic and such) and other implications. Gree IT m (MORE)

How can you get ALS?

It's an autoimmune disease. That means your immune system attacks  your own body/nervous system. ALS just happens. It's nothing you  have done or have not done. It usually a (MORE)

Is mind reading spelled mind reading or mind-reading?

Although there are rules about hyphenation, these words can be found with and without hyphens. The main purpose of hyphens is to glue words together. They notify the reader th (MORE)