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What is the meaning of the poem safe in their alabaster chambers by Emily Dickinson?

Safe in their alabaster chambers, Untouched by morning and untouched by noon, Sleep the meek members of the resurrection, Rafter of satin, and roof of stone. Light laugh (MORE)

What is the holy significance of an alabaster box?

Answer   Alabaster was very expensive in Bible times, and if a person bought an alabaster box, it was only used for very important purposes. So the Pharisees considered i (MORE)

What is alabaster skin?

    "Alabaster skin" is a metaphor comparing a marble-like substance with a (usually woman's) skin - the purest alabaster is snow-white and translucent - that is, havi (MORE)

What was a alabaster box made of?

Alabaster is a kind of mineral, and so an alabaster box is made of  alabaster. The word "alabaster" can refer to two different  minerals. One is gypsum, the same stuff as fo (MORE)