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Do German shepards like water?

it kind of depends on the dog, like if the dog had something bad happen to him in his past and it envolved water, he would be scared of water.
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Is Shepard Smith dying?

No, Mr. Smith is not "dying." He purposely lost weight after being  informed by his physician that he had elevated blood pressure and  high cholesterol. Mr. Smith is now hea (MORE)

How tall is Shepard Smith?

6'0" according to Mr. Smith, as reported during the Katrina coverage, when comparing the height of debris to his own height of "6 feet."
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Why do they say Alan Bartlett Shepard Jr is albanian?

He brought an (official) Albanian flag to the moon during the  Apollo 14 trip. He later gave this to an Albanian diplomat, which  led experts to believe that he was Albanian (MORE)

Does Shepard Smith have cancer?

There is no information available stating that Shepard Smith has cancer. However, Shepard has stated that he has "out-of-control cholesterol and high blood pressure" which has (MORE)

What is SHEPARDIZING a case?

  It is checking to ascertain whether the case has been over ruled by an apeals court, or cited as prescedence by another court, or some other discussion by another court (MORE)

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Who is Shepard Smith marrying?

Shepard Smith married (1987) and divorced (1993) Virginia Donald, but has not announced any intention to remarry.
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