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What did Alan Turing do?

Allan Turing is the father of modern computers and Artificialintelligence. He not only cracked the Nazi code but also helped theallies win tactical positions and hence making ( Full Answer )
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What did Alan Shepard do?

Second Man in Space and Lunar Golfer Alan Shepard (1923-1998) was a US astronaut and a CDR (later RADM) in the US Navy. He was the first American into space, and the second ( Full Answer )
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Who is Alan Kay?

Alan Kay is an American computer scientist, known for his early pioneering work on objected orented and windowing grafical design. He is the president of the Viewpoints ( Full Answer )
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Who is Alan Sugar?

Alan Sugar (born March 24, 1947 in Hackney) is an Englishbusinessman and political advisor who is widely known for hisleading role on the BBC TV series The Apprentice .
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What did Alan Shephard do?

It depends on whether you mean Alan Shephard or Alan Shepard.. Alan Bartlett Shepard , Jr. (November 18, 1923 - July 21, 1998) was the second person and the first American in ( Full Answer )
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What is Alan Wake about?

Alan Wake is about a writer that writes stuff to find his wife but he has to fight his creation so he'll do anything to get her back and the stuff he write comes to life tryin ( Full Answer )
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Who is Alan Premel?

Alan Premel (born 1975) is a former Central Intelligence Agency officer and member of the National Clandestine Service. He was linked to the CIA's controversial extraordinary ( Full Answer )
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What is Alan in Spanish?

alan, because in lageges it dont change i would no i am spanish por lo que
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Where were the Alans originally from?

The Alans originated along the Danube River, and are known for being a very nomadic, warlike, pastoral people who were considered to be professional warriors.
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Who is Alan freeman?

There are many different and various Alan Freemans. One of them is my dentist, but I think it unlikely that he is the one to whom you are referring.