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What is a alawi?

In the Jabal al-Nusayriyah, the mountain ranges of north-western Syria that overlook the Mediterranean Sea, the 'Alawi community has maintained itself for over one thousand ye ( Full Answer )
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If puck likes her why does he alawys prank her?

Because he likes her! Boys around that age (11 or 12-ish) always tease and prank the girls they like. Of course he doesn't want her to figure out that he likes her, so he p ( Full Answer )
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Are alawis good people?

yes, alawis are indeed good people however many people make them look bad. Alawis follow the 12 shia islam religion a large number of alawis do belive in the Caliphs but not a ( Full Answer )
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My english teachers alawys gives me C's on creative writing but for some reason she really wants to read my stuff people have said my stories are good?

You didn't really ask a question, you know. I'm assuming you are wondering why you always get a C grade. You need to ask the teacher what you should correct in order to get a ( Full Answer )
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What is not alawys a pronoun?

Many words in English function in a number of different roles. Someof the pronouns that have other functions are: . the demonstrative pronouns (this, that, these, those) func ( Full Answer )