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What religion was Albert Camus?

Camus considers himself to be an atheist. He considers religious faith to be 'philosophical suicide' as it is a distraction from the real in which the individual embraces the (MORE)

I ordered 1lb of camu camu powder from Epic Herbs and received a 2lb box from Ameri Herb Inc but the powder is white has anyone else bought and taken white camu camu powder?

I ordered some camu powder from a different company and it is also white, it has a very fine texture and is completely tasteless and odorless. Other powders that I've read rev (MORE)

How an investigation could be carried out to compare the effect of storage time on the vitamin c content of the Parana' state Camu-Camu fruit with those from the Amazon region?

This is a core Practical in the edexcel biology AS level, I will explain everything in steps : 1) fill a burette with 1% vitamin c solution 2) using a syringe measure 5ml of D (MORE)

What were Albert Camus views on the atomic bombing in Hiroshima?

Let's be clear. If the Japanese capitulate after the destruction of Hiroshima due to intimidation, we'll be glad of it. But we refuse to draw from such grave news anything oth (MORE)