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What college did Albert Pujols go to?

  He attended Maple Woods Community College in the Kansas City area during the spring of 1999.   For the source and more detailed information concerning this subjec (MORE)

When did Albert Namatjira get married?

Sources vary. Some state that Namatjira married when he was 18, in  1920, while others state that he was 17. Either way, he did not  initially marry his wife Ilkalita, but e (MORE)

Did Albert Schweitzer believe in god?

Yes, he studied Theology. My answer: I think this is not correct answer. After much reading his theology I found out that he did not believe in Christian God, or, in any pe (MORE)

Was Albert ingalls real?

Unfortunatly, no he was a fictional character made up by Michael Landon. Apparently, Michael Landon's real life son, Albert, died of a car accident so, Michael made Albert In (MORE)

What happened to Albert speers brothers?

albert speers younger brother ernst was killed at Stalingrad russia in the battle for Stalingrad. like so many other Germans his body was never found or returned to the family (MORE)

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Was Albert Einstein Jewish?

Yes. He did not practice Judaism, but his Jewish identity was very strong. He was a supporter of Israel, and worked tirelessly against antisemitism. Here are some quotes fro (MORE)

Who is Francis Albert?

  Answer   Another great trivia question: Francis Albert was also know as Frank Sinatra.
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Did Albert Einstein wear glasses?

    he wore them sometimes. he really only needed them to read
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What is a prince Albert?

male genital piercing which enter from bottom into the urethra and out the pee hole
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Where was Albert Einstein from?

Albert Einstein was born in Ulm, Warttemberg, Germany on March  14th, 1879. Six weeks later he and his family moved to Munich. He  studied and worked in Switzerland. He retu (MORE)