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Who was Albrecht Durer's father?

His father, Albrecht Dürer senior, was a successful goldsmith, originally named Ajtósi who in 1455 had moved to Nuremberg from Ajtós near Gyula in Hungary. The German name (MORE)

What was Albrecht Dürer known for?

Durer, also known as the Leonardo of the North, due to his branching off into different fields of study such as Leonardo da Vinci did, was a noted painter, print-maker and the (MORE)

Where did Albrecht Durer travel to?

Albrecht Durer first went to France from 1490 to 1494. He also  traveled to Italy twice in his life. The first time was from 1494  to 1495 and the second from 1505 to 1507. (MORE)

What does le RER mean in french?

It's the regional métro network in the Paris (Ile de France) Region - Réseau Expresse Régionale. (I live near it) The lines don't have numbers, they have letters - RER Lign (MORE)
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Do Paris rer trains have toilets?

Alas, no. What makes it worse is that very few stations have them  either.   EDIT: the RER trains have toilets. The metro trains don't.
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What is RER in nervous system?

The "RER" is the Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum, also known as Nissle Bodies. They are structures within the cell where protein synthesis occurs in ribosomes, which cover the end (MORE)