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Why does the Hebrew Bible begin with a Bet and not an Aleph?

Because the first word of the Tanach starts with the letter bet. Interms of Jewish belief, the "bet" represents the "second" quality,which should clarify that the normal trans ( Full Answer )
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What does Aleph mean in Psalm 119?

Psalm 119 is the longest psalm and is separated into stanzas (eachcontaining a collection of eight verses). Each verse of the stanzasstart with a letter from the Jewish alphab ( Full Answer )
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Can aleph -1 exist?

Since the aleph numbers refer to cardinality of sets, aleph -1 would not make any sense. Not sure what a negative cardinality might mean?
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Where can one find information on 'aleph'?

If someone wants information on 'aleph' then it is worth looking on various information websites. As well as the ones most people would think of it is also worth checking Ency ( Full Answer )
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What is aleph -mem?

aleph ( א ) is the first letter of the Hebrewalphabet. mem ( מ ) is the 13th. If you're askingwhat word they spell, it's אם (eem) which means"if," or אם ( Full Answer )
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Why does the Torah start with Bet instead of Aleph?

Answer 1 Several conjectures, hypotheses, commentaries, and theories havebeen suggested. For just one example, aleph is also the initialof the Hebrew word for "curse", wher ( Full Answer )
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What actors and actresses appeared in El Aleph - 2011?

The cast of El Aleph - 2011 includes: Helena de Llanos as Borges L14 Ana del Toro as Borges L13 Bruno Gallo as Jorge Gaby Gorsky as Beatriz Josefina Haro as Borges L7 Fernando ( Full Answer )
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What actors and actresses appeared in Aleph - 2000?

The cast of Aleph - 2000 includes: Rousy Chanev Stefan Danailov as Aleph Paraskeva Djukelova Teodor Elmazov Valentin Ganev Enrico Mutti as Marco Felter Antonella Ponziani as A ( Full Answer )