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Who was Alessandro Volta and what did he do?

Alessandro Volta was an Italian physicist (1745 - 1827) who  invented the first electric battery (also known as the voltaic pile  battery) in 1799. His work is still remembe (MORE)

How did Alessandro Volta invent the battery?

He put a piece of wet cardboard on a piece of copper and then put a piece of zinc on top of that, repeated it twelve times and put a copper wire on one end and a zinc wire on (MORE)

What was named after Alessandro Volta?

  The 'volt' was named after Alessandro Volta. In electricity, a volt is the unit of electric potential difference. Volta's greatest invention was the electric battery.
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How did Alessandro Manzoni affect the world?

He wrote the most important novel in Italian literature, also  creating the modern Italian language. This novel, the Promessi  Sposi, turned around the old Historical novel. (MORE)

How did Alessandro change the world?

Alessandro Volta changed the world because he invented the battery, today, batteries are a major source of energy for toys, mobile phones and many gadgets. The battery has als (MORE)

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What is Alessandro Safina famous for?

Alessandro Safina is a famous italian operatic tenor. He is most famous for combining opera with modern-day pop music. Up to 2013 he has released four different albums.
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