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Is Tisha Campbell-martin sick?

Yes, she has a lung disease called Sarcoidosis, the same disease that claimed Bernie Mac's life. She isn't dying though; through early diagnosis & healthy living, she's fine : (MORE)

Why did tisha Campbell sue Martin?

Tisha Campbell (Gina) sued martin for sexually harassing her. He became a fatal attraction after doing drugs. He became so obsessed with her ;martin started to stalk her. She (MORE)
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Who is Bruce Campbell?

A god among men..... Also is a well known B Movie star famous for movies such as evil dead 1 and 2 as well as army of darkness   Well, I wouldn't consider him a "god among (MORE)

Is tevin campbel alive?

  trying to reach my family.   Is Tevin Campbell alive
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Why is Kim Campbell famous?

she is so famous because of her huge improvement to Canada with only 4 months of time. Also, she beat her rival, and that was a huge hit to being the first female. because she (MORE)
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Is maia and naomi Campbell sister's?

No! they are not related to each other.. They just have the same last name...
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Is erica rose Campbell married?

Erica Rose Campbell is not married. Eric Rose Campbell is a former  American glamour model. She is not longer in the modeling business.
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How old is James Campbell from degrassi?

Campbell is 15 in degrassi but he is 18 in real life.(: hope this helped!
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