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What does ola mean in Hawaiian?

Ola means life, i know this because my name is "Keola" which means "the life."
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What does ola mean in English?

Because the letter 'H' in the Spanish language is silent, this could easily be "Hola" misspelled. In that case, it would mean "Hello". If you are sure that it is not misspel (MORE)

M1 Carbine Rock-Ola history of serial numbers?

I have published a book on M1 Carbine production dates; here are the serial numbers for M1-Carbines produced by Rock-Ola: 1,662,520 - 1,762,519: November 1942 through November (MORE)

What does ola means?

ola' ......spanish Hello Actually, it's not "ola" but "hola". In Spanish, the "H" is silent, so you don't pronounce it. And yes, it is a greeting meaning "hello".
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Who is Bruce Campbell?

A god among men..... Also is a well known B Movie star famous for movies such as evil dead 1 and 2 as well as army of darkness   Well, I wouldn't consider him a "god among (MORE)

Why is Kim Campbell famous?

she is so famous because of her huge improvement to Canada with only 4 months of time. Also, she beat her rival, and that was a huge hit to being the first female. because she (MORE)

What is the recipe to make Dutch Ola Bolas?

  It is basically Jiffy (or any old bisquick, etc) Biscuit Mix and fruits. Make the jiffy mix (blueberry works great) normally, as if you were to make biscuits or pancak (MORE)

What is a simple summary of the gods are not to blame by ola rotimi?

The Gods Are Not To Blame is a 1971 novel by Ola Rotimi following To Stir the God of Iron and earning his M.F.A in 1966 with Our Husband Has Gone Mad Again premiered at Yale t (MORE)