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Who is Alex Ferguson?

Sir Alexander Chapman Ferguson is a Scottish football manager, also a former player of the game. His is arguably more commonly known as Sir Alex or (affectionately)Fergie. He (MORE)

Where is Alex Rodriguez from?

  ALex Rodriguez was born in Washington Heights section of New York City and moved with his parents to the Dominican Republic when he was 4 years old and then to Miami, Fl (MORE)

What is Alex Rider?

Alex Rider is a series of spy novels by English author Anthony Horowitz about a young spy named Alex Rider. The series is aimed primarily for teenagers.Seven novels have been (MORE)

Who is Alex Rider?

Alexander "Alex" Rider (born February 13, 1987) is a fictional character. He is the protagonist and title character of the popular Alex Rider series of novels by British autho (MORE)

What are the words toThe Nightmare Before Christmas poem?

Nightmare Before Christmas original poem   It was late one fall in Halloweenland,   and the air had quite a chill.   Against the moon a skeleton sat,   alone (MORE)
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Who is alex constancio?

Alex Constancio is an internet celebrity and the best friend of Austin Mahone and has thousands of followers on Twitter and Instragram. Austin Mahone launched a popular YouTub (MORE)