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Who is Alexander McQueen?

Alexander McQueen was a famous British fashion designer, mostly known for his abstract fashion shows. His death was announced on the 11th of February 2010. Sources say it ma (MORE)

Difference between Luria agar and Luria broth?

Luria agar is Luria broth with the addition of 15 grams per liter agar. Agar is a solidifying agent that makes the liquid media solid at room temperature. Hence, luria agar (MORE)

Who is Alexander?

Alexander the great is the king of Macedonia, he contributed a lot to the Macedonian expansion. One of his most famous story was about him taming a horse thought to be impossi (MORE)

Where did Alexander die?

He died of a high fever and was poisoned in Babylon in June 323 B.C at the age of 32.
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Who was Alexander Hamilton and what did he do?

Alexander Hamilton was one of the most prominent founding fathers in American history. He was the Secratary of Treasury under George Washington, and he had a lot of influenc (MORE)

What was Alexander Hamilton about?

Alexander Hamilton was a very important Founding Father and was the first secretary of the treasury. After endorsing Thomas Jefferson for president, Aaron but killed him in a (MORE)

Who was Alexander the III?

Son of Philip II of Macedonia, whom he succeeded. On his father's  death, he took over his father's invasion of the Persian Empire and  spent ten years conquering it. He die (MORE)