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Are Humboldt squids endangered?

The Humboldt Squid has not been listed by either the IUCN Red List or the CITES, not because they don't need protection, or they aren't endangered. But due to the "dearth" of (MORE)
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Do Humboldt Squid eat people?

Humboldt or jumbo squid are aggressive creatures, example they have displayed cannibalistic activities like eating other squid. Like sharks they have attacked people but human (MORE)

What are humboldt penguins?

Humboldt penguins live in Chile and Peru, West Coast South America.they look like a torpedo shape, sometimes there seen in groups, but there social and shy animals. they can l (MORE)

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What is the history of Humboldt Park?

%FOLLOWUPS%     L. Frank Baum wrote "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" while living in Chicago at 1667 N. Humboldt Boulevard near Humboldt Park. See: and: http://www.kans (MORE)

What are some Humboldt Penguin Adaptations?

The torpedo-shaped bodies of the penguins are designed to help them  move efficiently through the water. Their webbed feet help them  steer under water and their wings help (MORE)