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Who was Alexandra huci?

Alexandra Huci was a 12-year-old gymnast in 2001. She was born into a poor family and had high hopes of competing in the 2008 olympics, which would give her a bright future. T (MORE)

What borders Denmark?

Germany is the only country that borders Denmark by land on the south. It is surrounded on three sides, west, north and east by the North Sea and the Baltic Sea which meet at (MORE)

What rhymes with Denmark?

Park, dark, Mark, shark, southwark, spark, bark, Newark, trademark, Clark, bookmark, benchmark, earmark, meadowlark, ballpark, landmark, trimark, airpark, brandmark, Lanark, w (MORE)

Where is Denmark?

Denmark is to the north of Germany. Denmark is considered to be one of the four Nordic countries of Europe (the others being Norway, Sweden and Iceland). It is the southernmo (MORE)
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Who is who in Denmark?

If you want info on 'imortant' people in Denmark, you need to consult the book 'Kraks Blå bog', which corresponds to 'Who's who' in the English language world. Published by G (MORE)

Who is Alexandra Stan?

Alexandra Ioanna Stan is a Romanian singer. She released her début single, "Lollipop", in late 2009. The song impacted United States mainstream radios in early 2010, peaking (MORE)

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