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Was Alexandre Gustave Eiffel married?

Answer   On 1862 July 8th Gustave Eiffel maried Marie Guadelet. The couple had fifteen happy years and five children together (three girls, and two boys) before Marie cau (MORE)

Which microorganism was discovered by alexandre yersin?

The bacteriologist Alexandre Yersin (1863-1943) discovered the bacterial agent responsible for the bubonic plague (aka Black Death) in 1894. In his honor the organism is named (MORE)

How much education did Alexandre Dumas have?

Alexandre Dumas was mostly self-educated.His father died when he was only an infant so Dumas' mother could not afford to give her son an education.However,he read anything he (MORE)

Who is Alexandre Renoir?

Alexandre Renoir is the great grand son of Pierre Renoir the master impressionist painter. He is the grand son of P.Renoir's third son Claude Renoir and the 5th son of Claude (MORE)
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What was Alexandre Fleming hobby?

Alexander Fleming -microbiologist famous discoverer of penicillin had a strange hobby, namely with a great passion for painting colorful pigmentsmicrobes living-using pallets (MORE)