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Did alexandre gustave Eiffel have sisters or brothers?

Gustave Eiffel, the engineer who designed the Eiffel Tower in 1889,  had 5 children in his lifetime. Not much is known about his family  tree because his parents adopted the (MORE)
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What is de-ethnicization?

Deethnicization is the process of depatronizing your culture and undoing the parctices, rites, customs and other processes associated with it. It is believed that one major ca (MORE)

What is the translation for chapter 1 of La Chica de los Zapatos Verdes?

La Chica De Los Zapatos Verdes Chapter 1 An exhibition in an old ship, port of Barcelona ... If you think that is interesting, Enric. And open until twelve o'clock! Bette (MORE)

What year is it at the start of alexandre dumas The Three Musketeers?

There are no dates that I can recall mentioned in the novel; however, a little extrapolation can give the dates of the novel, at least a time period. The main antagonist of t (MORE)

How much education did Alexandre Dumas have?

Alexandre Dumas was mostly self-educated.His father died when he was only an infant so Dumas' mother could not afford to give her son an education.However,he read anything he (MORE)

When do you use de de la del de los or de las in spanish?

'de' is the genitive ('of/from') preposition. 'Soy de Granada' = 'I am from Granada' 'El edificio es de piedra' = 'The building is (made) of stone' 'del/de la/de los/ de (MORE)