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Where was the lighthouse of Alexandria?

The light house of Alexandria stood on Pharos Island in the East Harbour of Alexandria, the second largest town of Egypt. Founded by Alexander the Great, Alexandria lies on th ( Full Answer )
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What country is Alexandria in?

Alexandria is in Egypt and is the second largest city with over 3.5million people living there. It is located on the southern coast ofthe Mediterranean Sea. Alexandria is the ( Full Answer )
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Population of Alexandria?

Alexandria, Virginia has a population of 151,218. Alexandria,Louisiana has a population of 47,723, and Alexandria, Egypt has apopulation of 4,546,231.
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When was Alexandria created?

The site for the city of Alexandria was selected by Alexander the Great in 331 BC. However, he died before the work began.
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Who is Alexandria Washington?

she is a girl that either says she's jaden's girlfriend,his ex-girlfriend,or is his real girlfriend.nobody really knows
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Who was Alexandria kollentai?

A Soviet ambassador. The first woman to be ambassador, she was a revolutionary and a member first of the Mensheviks and then of the Bolsheviks. She is well known for trying to ( Full Answer )
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When was Alexandria built?

Alexandria was founded around a small pharaonic town c. 331 BC by Alexander the Great.
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Who built Alexandria?

The city of Alexandria, was built in honor of Alexander The Great, around 350 BC. it was built by one of Alexanders Generals who founded a dynasty, Plotomeo, the last ruler of ( Full Answer )
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How was Alexandria started?

When Alexander the Great came to Egypt, he built a city on thecoast, with a lighthouse & a library, containing all the knownworld's books in it.
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What is Squash Alexandria?

Alexandria is a very productive Eskenderany type summer squash hybrid with a very strong plant, a semi-erect single stem, and an open habit allowing for easy picking. Compared ( Full Answer )