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What is the singular possessive form of Alexis?

The possessive singular of all English nouns is formed by adding -'s: Alexis's. If Alexis's seems awkward to you, you may use the Frenchified possessive "of Alexis," but never (MORE)
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How do you pronounce Dziena as in Alexis Dziena?

She, herself pronounces it "d-zee-nuh". She says her name in the video link given in 'related links'.
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Does alexis like jaden?

    Yes, throughout the series the creator has been dropping hints about Alexis' feelings for Jaden. Jaden made a good impression with her on his entrance exam to get (MORE)

How do you say alexis in spanish?

alexis .   in spanish, alexis is spelled and said the same just as it is in english.
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How do you say Alexis in Japanese?

The first name of Alexis is said in Japanese as Arekushisu. In the  Russian language this name is said as Aleksis.
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Alexis Kelly and Selena gomez?

Selena Gomez is an only child but i can see why you think that she has two little sisters Alexis and Kelly but it is just a rumour i also read on the Internet that she had 3 b (MORE)
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Why is alexis romanov famaus?

He was the only son of tsar NicholasII and alexandra. He had hemophilia, and was the last tsarevitch to the Romanov throne.
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