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Do you think you have to act a certain way or be of a certain ethnicity to listen to a particular music genre for example I am hispanic and listen to bands such as Alexisonfire and Silverstein?

NO WAY! Definitely not, :) Just Because You Like Something Doesn't Mean The Rest Of Your Personality Should Revolve Around That, I Love Metal And Yet I Am One Of The Most Girl ( Full Answer )
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Is Screamo bad as in devilish ie Alexisonfire A Static Lullaby?

Flyleaf has some as do skillet, red, underoath, blessthefall, the almost, Haste the Day, Demon Hunter, and fireflight are all pretty good bands that have the same kind of emo- ( Full Answer )
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Is alexisonfire a satanic band?

No no no no sooo sure they are not satanic, they have a good vs evil kinda style but that's more vocally, but no, they are not satanic. ANOTHER ANSWER!(from Diablo933 ( Full Answer )
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Where did the band alexisonfire have that name?

The name Alexisonfire was derived from the name of a contortionist stripper named Alexis Fire. Her website is That is why the bands official website is theon ( Full Answer )