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What is algol?

(ALGOrithmic Language) A high-level compiler language that was developed as an international language for the expression of algorithms between people and between people and ma (MORE)
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How can you explain the Algol paradox?

In some binary systems, the less-massive star has become a giant, while the more-massive star is still on the main sequence. If higher-mass stars evolve faster than lower-mass (MORE)
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What is the Algol paradox?

In many binary stars, there can be a flow of material between the two stars, disturbing the normal process of stellar evolution. As the flow progresses, the evolutionary stage (MORE)

What is the brightness of Algol?

Algol or the Demon star is a star in the constellation Perseus. It has an apparent magnitude (as seen from Earth) of 2.12 or an absolute magnitude of -0.15. See related link (MORE)
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What is the star algol?

Algol is a bright three-star system that is part of theconstellation Perseus. Other names for Algol are Demon Star,Gorgona, and El Ghoul.

What type of star is Algol?

Algol (Demon Star) is a bright star in the constellation Perseus. Algol is actually a triple star system - Beta Persei A, B, and C . Beta Persei A has a spectral type of (MORE)

How far is Algol?

Algol (Demon Star) is a bright star in the constellation Perseus. It is approximately 93 light years from us.
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Who discovered algol?

Algol has been visible in the night sky for over 300 million years. It would have been seen by the first creatures who looked up into the night sky. So no one can be said t (MORE)