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In US Army

Was Alice Cooper in the Army?

No. He and the band barely managed to avoid the draft; I believe they turned him away because he seemed undesirable. One member of the band got out of it because Alice shot hi (MORE)

Is Alice Cooper right-handed?

  There is reason to believe that Alice Cooper is right-handed. This is because he always holds the cane used in some music videos and concerts in his right hand. He uses (MORE)

Is Alice Cooper the band Alice in Chains?

  No, sorry. Alice Cooper is a Shock Rock group that started during the 1970's, and it still going today. It has always been lead by front man, Vincent Damon Furnier, who (MORE)

Was there a witch called Alice Cooper?

Yes. There was a witch that lived in the america's during the 17 century. It is believed that she lived for 100 years. Colminating the myth about her for years. During early a (MORE)

Where is Alice Cooper from?

He was born in Detroit, but he and his family moved to Arizona when he was like 8 or 9 or something. He did live in Phoenix Arizona for a time, i don't know how long, my fat (MORE)

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