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What does Alice eat in Alice in Wonderland?

In the book, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Alice eats a small cake marked 'eat me', a pebble which has turned into a cake and some pieces of mushroom, all of which cause h (MORE)

How long did it take to make the 1951 Disney Alice in Wonderland?

The 1951 Disney version of Alice in Wonderland has an even longer history than the Disney corporation itself.  In 1923 Walt Disney made a series of short animations which fai (MORE)

What is Alice in Wonderland?

'Alice in Wonderland' is several things. Firstly, it is a shortened version of the name of a book by Lewis Carroll whose full title is 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland'. It t (MORE)

When was Alice born in Alice in Wonderland?

Alice's birthday is May 4. The year is unknown but is probably either 1858 or 1852. Lewis Carroll doesn't specify Alice's birthdate in the book Alice's Adventures in Wonderlan (MORE)

Is the film Alice in Wonderland based on drugs?

The book probably is not. I don't know about the movie, but I doubt that they're based on different things. Lewis Carroll was actually a mathematician. Where he was, he heard (MORE)

Who is Alice in Wonderland?

Alice is the hero of Alice in Wonderland. She is a seven year old girl, who lives in England in the 1860s.    She was inspired by a real little girl named Alice Liddell (MORE)

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