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Is All Saints Day a holy day of obligation?

Yes, traditionally All Saints Day is a holy day of obligation but recently in Canada and the US, there has been granted special permission so that it has been changed so that (MORE)

Where did All Saints Day begin?

All Saints day comes from ancient festivals of the Druids. They split the year into two halves. One half began on May 1st and this was called Beltrane. The next half was Nov. (MORE)

What is the origin of All Saints Day?

All Saints' Day, feast of the Roman Catholic and Anglican churches, and day on which churches glorify God for all God's saints, known and unknown. It is celebrated on Nov. 1 i (MORE)

What do you do on All Saints Day?

All Saints Day occurs the day after Halloween on November 1st.  Typically, religious Christians will attend church services on that  day, as well as spend the remainder of t (MORE)

What is the history of All Saints day When why is it celebrated?

In the Roman Catholic tradition, All Saint's Day is on November 1st. I believe it was set aside as that day in the year when all of the Saints who do not have their own, speci (MORE)

Who started All Saints Day?

The origin of the festival of All Saints as celebrated in the West dates to May 13, 609 or 610, when Pope Boniface IV consecrated the Pantheon at Rome to the Blessed Virgin an (MORE)
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Why do Catholics celebrate All Saints Day?

Catholics do not celebrate every saint's feast day as elaborately as those such as St.s Patrick, Valentine, Nicholas, etc. merely because there are so many saints. At daily ma (MORE)