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How do you supplicate to Allah?

you supplicate to Allah by doing 5 things first need to believe in Allah and believe there were prophets he sent to us to believe in him. then you say laailaha (MORE)
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Who is the father of Allah?

first Allah (god ) is one and the only one wasn't born or had family 2d read (kORAN ) to know more about Allah (god) and also all religions 3d we all belong to Allah (god ) i (MORE)
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What is the 'Will of Allah'?

The Will of Allah is his commandments revealed in his Book the qoran, and the tradition of the prophet mohammed. The will of Allah is every good deed that pleases Allah whic (MORE)

Who created Allah?

Answer 1   No one created Allah. Allah is the Creator Himself! He has no  beginning nor end. Allah created the very first man on Earth 'Adam'  and He is to create the la (MORE)

Life of Allah?

Allah is eternal. There is no question of His life or death. He was there before the creation of this universe and will be there after the end of this universe.
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How do you talk to Allah?

At the end of prayer the Imam will start something called a Dua, this is when Muslims pray to Allah and can tell Allah what they want. They will finish this Dua by saying Amee (MORE)
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What does Allah not forgive?

Surah az-Zumar: Say: Oh my servants who have wronged themselves (by committing sins), do not despair of the mercy of Allah! Verily, Allah forgives ALL sins. Verily, he is of (MORE)
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What is the story of Allah?

There is no story of Allah . Allah is the only GOD who was there  before you were created millions of years ago and is present and  will stay alive forever . Allah is the Cr (MORE)

How do you please Allah?

We can please Allah Almighty by unconditionally surrendering to His  Sublime Authority. We must believe that Almighty Allah is the Sole  Creator, Sustainer, Provider and Rul (MORE)