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Why was the M4 Sherman tank important?

The M4 Sherman and it's variants were important to the victory of the allies in world war two because it was a cheap, easily and quickly produced medium tank. What this means (MORE)

Who was roger sherman what did he do?

Sherman is best recognized as one of the founding fathers who helped draft and sign the Declaration of Independence. During the Constitutional Convention, Sherman was noted as (MORE)

Who won shermans march to the sea?

William Sherman general of the union in the battle of Sherman's March to the sea destroyed all of Confederacy's resources and they eventually gave up. They surrendered and She (MORE)

Summary of a gift of laughter by allan sherman?

"A Gift of Laughter", by Allan Sherman is a vignette which was taken from his autobiography. When the story opens, we see Robert, Allan's son trying to get his father's attent (MORE)

How tall is Sherman Hemsley?

Sherman Hemsley was 5'6" tall. He was best known as playing George  Jefferson in the TV sitcom The Jefferson's. He died July 24, 2012  at age 74 due to lung cancer.
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What did William sherman do?

Nicknamed "Tecumseh," William Sherman was known for being a great  American general. He led the burning of Atlanta. He was also a good  friend of President Grant, despite th (MORE)

Why was Sherman hated?

The North loved him, but the south hated him because he destroyed everything (burnt houses, looted, destroyed crops, ripped out railroads and bent the steel so it couldn't be (MORE)