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Does allegory mean a lie?

  No, an allegory is a story that is told to make a point about something else in society by drawing parallels. The movie "District Nine" is about humans interacting with (MORE)

The Old Man and the Sea as a allegory?

The entire novel The Old Man and the Sea is allegory. Many symbols such as the lions on the beach, the marlin, the shovel-nosed sharks, and many others convey represent an abs (MORE)

What is the difference between allegory and a parable?

Parables and allegories are similar.    Allegories can be a story, play, or poem the events and characters  in the story ect are used as symbols in order to express a (MORE)

Allegory in Animal Farm?

  From Shmoop Literature on Symbols and Allegory in Animal Farm (MORE)

What is a characteristic of an allegory?

One main characteristic of an allegory is that it contain the moralor political values of its writer. Animal Farm by George Orwell isa great example of a classic allegory. (MORE)