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If allergic to wheat are you allergic to oats?

You may or may not be allergic to oats. I have Celiac disease, and connot eat wheat, but I still eat oats. You have to make sure the are gluten-free oats though. Almost all oa (MORE)

What to do when allergic to prednisone?

Well first of all it is not possible to be allergic to prednisone. Prednisone prevents and helps allergic reactions. Trust me i got this from my neurosurgeon. But if you are h (MORE)

What is allergic to the sun?

A sun allergy is an immune system reaction to sunlight, most often, an itchy red rash. The most common locations include the "V" of the neck, the back of the hands, the outsid (MORE)

If you are allergic to nuts are you allergic to chestnuts?

Chestnuts are actually a fruit. Irregardless of that fact, check with your doctor before consuming anything which may trigger an allergic reaction.
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If you are allergic to penicillin what are you also allergic to?

I am personally allergic to Penicillin, which I found out when I was really young. About 4. Recently I was given a medication that had Sulfa in it, and developed a rash within (MORE)

Why are you allergic to cats?

  the allergy is caused by cats solliva, it contains a supplement that some people are immune to and others aren't. this can cause a reaction to people like me, it can mak (MORE)
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Is it advisable to take homeopathic medicine along with steroids for Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura?

never take homoeopathic medicine along with steroids or any other system of medicine.the action of homoeopathic medicine is dynamic in nature so the homoeopathy is less harmfu (MORE)