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If allergic to wheat are you allergic to oats?

You may or may not be allergic to oats. I have Celiac disease, and connot eat wheat, but I still eat oats. You have to make sure the are gluten-free oats though. Almost all oa (MORE)

What are the parakeets allergic to?

Parakeets parakeets are allergic to cold wheather and from ac. They usually get sneezing and after one day they will die. So before they die buy some medicines near to you (MORE)

Why do thrombocytopenia purpura bruise easily?

Throbocytopenia means 'platelet deficiency'. Purpura means 'of the blood'. A knock or trauma to the skin will cause blood vessels to rupture. As platelets are responsible fo (MORE)

If you are allergic to penicillin what are you also allergic to?

I am personally allergic to Penicillin, which I found out when I was really young. About 4. Recently I was given a medication that had Sulfa in it, and developed a rash within (MORE)
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How do you cure idiopathic thrombycytopenic purpura?

  I'm not a doctor but I've had ITP for more than 10 years. I don't believe there is a "cure". The condition can be treated depending on the severity and threat level. Som (MORE)

What do you do if you are allergic to pork?

If you are allergic to pork, you avoid pork. Sometimes that is hard to do. Entirely too much food is cooked with pork. Too much food is fried in pork fat. It is hard watching (MORE)

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