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Who or what are alliances?

Answer The alliances of World War 1 were: Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy against the triple entente: Britain, France and Russia. However, Italy fought on the side of the (MORE)

What is alliance?

It's a agreement between people or countries to have peace, and once been attacked the other has to help.

What is the Purpose of an alliance?

According to realist perspectives, the main value and the purpose of alliance within the international relation system is to make the formal agreement between two or more stat (MORE)

What is subsidary alliance?

A subsidiary alliance is an alliance between a dominant nation and a nation that it dominates. The doctrine of subsidiary alliance was introduced by Marquess Wellesley, (MORE)

What alliance do?

An Alliance is an Agreement over two country's like England and the United States of America did in World War II when we declared war on Germany. The alliance are people who a (MORE)

Why do people have alliances?

There are many different kinds of alliances, and many different reasons for entering into alliances, but generally speaking, people form alliances because an allied group of p (MORE)
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What is international alliance?

The Saint Joan"s international alliance is an unusual, but good example. It is an international organization. Named after St. Joan of Arc, it is involved with women's rights a (MORE)