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Who were the allies?

The United States. France. England. Soviet Union.. AND the European countries who did not like Germany invading their lands Answer . britain. ussr. usa.
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Why did Norway ally with The Allies?

Answer . The simple answer is that Germany occupied Norway, and your enemy's enemy is your friend. For the long answer, we need to look back to WWI. Norway was neutral an (MORE)

Who are the allies?

Allies are helpers. . Answer . The Allies were that group of Nations that stood in opposition to the Axis in WWII.
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What is an ally?

An ally is one who helps you. . \n . \nsomeone who is on your side, like in ww2 the people who was on our team basically allies are people, groups, or states that hav (MORE)

Why did allies become allies?

They recognized that they had a common enemy, and their chances of defeating their enemies increased by working together.
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Who are allies with?

These are the Allied Force nations and Underground Resistance nations that fought against the Nazis. . Allies (Leaders). Ethiopia · China · Czechoslovakia · Poland (MORE)