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What the symbol of shear?

The mathematical symbol for shear is the greek letter tau - which is similar to the English letter "t". Shear stress is given in Pascals or Megapascals, as this denotes pressu (MORE)
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What is base shear?

Base shear is an estimate of the maximum expected lateral force that will occur due to seismic ground motion at the base of a structure. Calculations of base shear (V) depend (MORE)

Difference between single shear and double shear?

Single shear carries all load on one face whule double shear carries it on two faces, so stress is lowere by a factor of 2 for a given load. For example shear stress on a cant (MORE)

Are caimen alligators Chinese alligators?

Caiman (note spelling) and alligators are in the same family of  crocodilians. However, they are distinctly different and live in  different areas. All species of caiman are (MORE)

Explain the difference single shear and double shear?

A single shear has just one pair or scissors while a double shear  has two sets.
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What is shears?

Shears are a type of scisors that can be used for triming hedges and other plants or other types are used for shearing wool from sheep. Shear - minor weaknesses in a material (MORE)

Do you have to shear sheep?

It is highly recommended that if you live in warm climates that the sheep are sheared. Farmers will usually shear their sheep in the spring or early summer, you want to make s (MORE)

What is shear strength?

Sheer strength is the ability to accomplish, move, or get through  something without the assistance of anything else. Sheer strength  can mean splitting wood without an axe (MORE)
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How do you shear a llama?

Llamas may be sheared either using hand shears or electric shears. Both methods take some care, and there are some problems associated with working with such a fine, dry fleec (MORE)