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Is the girl from adt commercial the same one that plays Cameron on House?

No. The actress in the ADT commercial is Delaina Mitchell. The actress who plays Cameron on House is Jennifer Morrison. She even played the mentally challenged girl who was mu (MORE)
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Who is dove Cameron?

Again Fellow Fans, Have you seen the episode on Jessie (another disney channel show) where my "brothers" Parker and Joey visit them. Guess what Joey now has a crush on Emma (MORE)
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How do you get Cameron Boyce?

He likes girls that like sports and that are funny!I LUV u Cameron Boyce! and like dance or singing
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Where is Allison in Pretty Little Liars?

She is in a mental hospital because the night she disapered her twin sister with mental problems named Courtney came back to town and stole alis ring and pretended to be her w (MORE)

Who is James Cameron?

James Cameron is a screenwriter, producer and film director. Some of his films:"Avatar" (2009)"Titanic" (1997)"True Lies" (1994)"Terminator 2: Judgment Day" (1991)"The Abyss" (MORE)

Who killed Allison?

Alison has a twin sister Courtney who escaped a mental institution and pretended to be Ali and had the real Ali sent to the Mental Institute. Ali then escapes and buries Cour (MORE)

What can david Cameron not do?

Mr Cameron is a politician - and a human being. There are any  number of things which are just not humanly possible for any of us  to achieve - on our own at any rate. I'm s (MORE)