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Jurors are not allowed to do what?

During a trial, jurors are not allowed to 1. talk about the case with anyone else 2. use internet or journals to look up any of the evidence to search on their own (unless get (MORE)

Which idiom is correct - allows for or allows to?

"Allow for" and "allow +object + to + verb" have different meanings. "The new budget allows for unexpected expenses." Here, "allows for" means "leaves room for the unpredict (MORE)

What does a computer allow you to do?

1. Type documents and send email 2. Browse the internet 3. Store and retrieve data
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What are Mormons allowed and not allowed to eat?

Answer:   Most devout Mormons choose to adhere to a health code called the  Word of Wisdom. That code requires abstinence from alcohol,  tea/coffee, tobacco, and other a (MORE)
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What are priests not allowed to do?

  With very few exceptions, Catholic priests are not allowed to marry, to serve in the armed forces (in a combat capacity), to serve in secular political office, or to und (MORE)
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What is the difference between allow and allows?

Allow:you use it when you are using a plural noun. Example:They allow you to come in. Allows:you use it when you are using a singular noun. Example:She allows you to come in.
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What is a delivery allowance?

When buying a car, "delivery allowance" is almost a fancy way of  saying "discount." It is an incentive offered to retailers by  manufacturers that is deducted from a vehicl (MORE)