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Which idiom is correct - allows for or allows to?

"Allow for" and "allow +object + to + verb" have different meanings. "The new budget allows for unexpected expenses." Here, "allows for" means "leaves room for the unpredic (MORE)

What is allowances?

It is the amount of something that is permitted, especially within a set of regulations, for a specified purpose
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What are Buddhists allowed and not allowed to eat?

A Buddhists is allowed to eat whatever he wants. However, according to the teachings of Buddha, the taking of life is wrong so you should not touch any of the higher forms of (MORE)

What are Mormons allowed and not allowed to eat?

Answer: Most devout Mormons choose to adhere to a health code called theWord of Wisdom. That code requires abstinence from alcohol,tea/coffee, tobacco, and other addictive su (MORE)
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How do you get Allowance?

You can get an allowance by making a deal with your parents. for example if she or he pays you 5$ a week to do certain chores.

What food is allowed or not allowed in Christianity?

There is no food allowed or not allowed by Christians. There are two major teachings about food though. 1. If your culture honors God by eating or not eating certain things (MORE)