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What is an allusion?

An allusion is when you trying to bring something to someone'sattention in an indirect way without actually mentioning it. It isoften a reference to a famous play, work of art (MORE)

Allusions to The Bible?

There are several allusions to the Bible in common use. "Writing on the wall', "crystal clear", "the powers that be", "a drop in the bucket" are just a few.

What is a biblical allusion?

A Biblical allusion makes an indirect reference to the Bible. It requires that the reader be familiar with the Bible or portion of the Bible used to convey the hidden meaning (MORE)

Allusions in TV?

There are lots on TV! For commercials they could say: Buy this umbrella because Micheal Jackson approves it! ...or something..... they show connections in movies as well (MORE)

What is the effect of allusion?

Allusion reminds the reader of a previous occurrence or event and thus evokes a certain mood or feeling as the reader associates the current work to a previous work. It also a (MORE)

What are the allusions in The Chrysalids?

The names are almost all allusions to great works including the bible and Shakespearean plays examples Joseph-The New Testament- "Father" of gods son Rosalind-Romeo And (MORE)

What is an allusion in a movie?

A passing or casual reference to something else, an incidental mention of something, either directly or by implication. A film may make allusions to other films, to well-kn (MORE)

What are all of the allusions?

An allusion is a reference in literature to another piece of literature. For example, In Out of the Silent Planet , C.S. Lewis mentions H.G. Wells, author of War of the World (MORE)

What is allusion?

Allusion is a literary device where another piece of literature isreferenced or mentioned in a book, movie, or other piece ofliterature.
In Shrek

What are the allusions in Shrek?

Their are actually more than i can count in Shreck it is filled with them but here are a few exaamples, 1. the far far away sign resembles the hollywood sign. 2. farbucks ( (MORE)