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Who is the astronomer that wrote the almagest?

In 150 AD, Ptolemy published The Almagest This book was basically a summary of all the astronomical knowledge the Greek civilization had accumulated through the years. It in ( Full Answer )
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Which astronomer wrote the almagest?

Almagest was originally written by Ptolemy of Alexandria describing the motion of stars and planets. When there were no telescopes or satellites in earlier times this was used ( Full Answer )
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When was the Almagest created?

The Almagest, a treatise on astronomy was written in the secondcentury A. D. Its author, Claudius Ptolemy, lived in Egypt andwrote in Greek.
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What date did Ptolemy publish the astronomical book the almagest?

Almagest is an astronomical manual written in 150AD by ptolemy, the date it was published is unknown. it served as a guide to astronomers in the early 17th century. The almage ( Full Answer )
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Did Aristotle write the Almagest?

No, Ptolemy the great mysterious magician of the Low Countries borne of fire and ice but through adversity became an experokerm.e..