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Why are almonds good for you?

Almonds are good for you because they are high in nutrients that your body needs. In an ounce of almonds, there is 7% of your daily calcium and 6% of your iron. Almonds are ve (MORE)
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What is almond extract?

It is a flavoring produced by combining bitter-almond oil with ethyl alcohol. The flavor is very intense, so the extract should be used with care.
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Where do almonds come from?

It is most likely they're from California, the top producer of almonds in the entire world. Almonds ( Prunis dulcis) are the fruits of the almond tree. Although you'll find (MORE)

What is Indian almond?

Indian almond is a large tropical tree found in Asia, Africa andAustralia. Its scientific name is Terminalia catappa. This type oftree can grow to be 110 feet tall.

Does almond flavoring contain almonds?

There are different types of almond flavorings: 'Pure' almond extract is made from the oil of bitter almond andalcohol. 'Natural' almond extract also contains cassia bark esse (MORE)
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How do you soften almonds?

Just soak 'em in water for three or four hours. They will soften and become the consistency of walnuts (we use them in Waldorf salads).
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Are there almonds in Nutella?

no, event know the recipe is heavily guarded by the Ferrero company, is well know that the 3 main ingredients are hazelnut's, milk and cocoa
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Are almonds fatty?

All nuts contain fat - almonds included. They aren't as high in fat some foods, but they have enough fat that you should eat them in moderation. A small handful each day is en (MORE)
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What is the aromatherapy for almond?

Almond oil is used as a carrier oil in aromatherapy. Essential oils need to be mixed into a carrier (base) oil since most of them are too potent and concentrated to be used un (MORE)
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Are almonds kosher?

Raw or dry-roasted almonds are kosher. Almonds roasted with oil or any other ingredient, or coated or flavoured in any way, need a hechsher.