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Was alnwick castle ever in Scotland?

  No it was built after the border was established and used in defense of the border by the English. William I of Scotland did inherit the title Earl of Northumbria but ga (MORE)

How can you Castle?

In chess, 'castling' is a move involving the rook and king, in a semi-switching motion. You can castle if there are no pieces in between the rook and the king, and if neither (MORE)

What type of castle is dover castle?

 I think it was a motte and bailey then rebuilt into a  concentric castle later by Henry II      Its origins lie in the Iron Age, and a Roman Lighthouse and  Ang (MORE)

What type of castle is caerphilly castle?

  It's a concentric castle that is to say a castle within in a castle. In addition it also has a moat. It's the largest castle in Wales and the second largest in the UK.
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