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What does you Ke Aloha Punie hana?

I believe you are meaning "Meke Aloha Pumehana"...translated meaning "With Warm affection"... Such as in closing a letter, "Meke aloha pumehana" "Malama da ohana" Wi (MORE)

Difference between pure aloha and slotted aloha?

1) Pure Aloha is a Continuous time system whereas Slotted Aloha is discrete time system. 2) Pure ALOHA doesn't check whether the channel is busy before transmission. Slott (MORE)

Write about classical aloha?

TDMA comprises all mechanisms controlling medium access according to TDM. But what happens if TDM is applied without controlling access? This is exactly what the classical Alo (MORE)

How do you say aloha in Roman?

Aloha. answer: I assume you mean Italian (the language of Rome). You're lucky I speak this language. If you are meaning aloha - love, it is amore [ah-more-ray]. If you mean al (MORE)

What does aloha malu mean?

CORRECTED: Alohamalu (accent on the last syllable) is 'protected by love'. Be careful because if it is spelled with a long accent over the last 'u', it changes the meaning to (MORE)

What is aloha Akbar?

My guess is that it is a Hawaiian trying to assert supremacy.    However, if you intend to refer to the Arabic phrase "Allah hu  Akbar", it means "God is the Greatest" (MORE)